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Welcome to Personal Trail Signs

Authentic Trail Signs has been making reproduction trail signs for many of the North American ski resorts
since 2002. Now, we have made available online,
custom crafted Personal Trail Signs.

Our high quality, outdoor rated multi-sport signs can enhance any room, home or camp.
Show off your sport conquests!
A unique item to offer as sports awards or given as gifts to others.

Here are some of the finer points of our trail signs:

  • Heavy, .063 gauge aluminum plate, 4" X 24".
  • Rounded corners, mounting holes.
  • Thick, 4mm vinyl, thermal layer printed.
  • Abrasion guard protective coated with UV barrier, outdoor quality.
  • 100% made in New England.
  • All this and only $35.95 for a Standard Trail Sign  (plus shipping & handling)

Please click Trail Signs link at left to view or order.

Personal Trail Signs

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